“Having Nancy work with my children was a very positive experience.  She was able to bond deeply with my children.  She helped my daughter, who had never done homework on her own, to begin completing work without prompting. My daughter quickly improved her grades. My son became caring and kinder to those around him. My son became more actively empathetic to the people in my household, to our staff, and also to his father.  My husband and I were both impressed with how fast these changes took place.  As a mother who deeply loves her children, I found it easy to appreciate how passionate Nancy was about helping my children do well and to be truly happy.”  — Kristin

“I admire Nancy’s commitment to her student’s success.  Nancy coached my little bright and creative eight year old daughter who was immensely frustrated with the new educational program changes(common core) in her school and beginning to lose some confidence in her abilities because of it. She was especially frustrated with having to write for subjects that did not require writing in the past.  Once my daughter started working with Nancy, she became motivated  and began to write almost every day without being reminded or prompted.  She would say, “I am going up to work on my book,” every night and go up to her room where she did just that, write.  I had never seen her work that diligently on anything before.  That was really wonderful.” – Jennifer

“Nancy is an excellent coach. I can be very open with her as she is really easy to talk to.  She made me feel safe to talk to her. Before I began my work with her, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do beyond high school. Nancy helped me find out what my passions were, and what I wanted from my future life. She then helped me create a step-by-step plan as to how I could get to the future I wanted, first step to get into Carnegie Mellon. My grades improved dramatically within six months of working with Nancy. I finally became a straight A student.  I am now a senior at Carnegie Mellon.”   -Ian

“Nancy worked with me on changing how I felt about my ability to get work done and helped me focus on what it was that I actually wanted.  She was able to help me keep my focus on my goals, and ultimately get accepted and attend college that I am proud to have attended. ”  – James

“My teacher, it is because of you I will be attending UC Berkeley next year.  I let you down very many times but you stayed on me and never let me give up.  You worked very hard to convince me to work hard.  Thank you!”  — Steven

“I learned so much because you showed me how to make my learning fun.  I have been following through with the goals that you helped me set and this september I will be attending the college that I dreamed.”   –  Emily

“I’ll always remember you Nancy :)  God you’re so nice and cool  You’re the best teacher I’ve ever met!  Really from the deep of my heart.  I thank you for giving me such an enjoyable time.  I hope we’ll meet again.”  — Beverly